Maëva Slotine Completes Harvard Negotiation Master Class

Maëva Slotine, the founder of the Hong Kong-based cross-border business law firm Slotine, recently completed the prestigious Harvard Negotiation Master Class. This specialised training program, offered by Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation, is designed to equip legal professionals with advanced negotiation strategies and techniques.

As the head of a firm that specialises in navigating complex cross-border business matters, Maëva’s decision to undertake this program demonstrates her commitment to providing the highest level of service to Slotine’s global clients. The Harvard Negotiation Master Class delves into topics such as managing difficult conversations, leveraging cognitive biases, and developing effective negotiation playbooks – all of which are invaluable skills when helping clients secure favourable outcomes in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other high-stakes business transactions.

“The Harvard Negotiation Master Class has been a transformative experience, allowing me to deepen my understanding of the psychology and nuances of negotiation,” said Maëva Slotine. “I am excited to apply these insights to better serve our clients as they navigate the legal and commercial complexities of cross-border business.”

With this additional certification, Maëva and the Slotine team are even better equipped to guide their diverse clientele, which includes founders, entrepreneurs, large companies, and SMEs, through the intricate web of laws, regulations, and cultural considerations that arise when doing business across borders. Slotine’s clients can now benefit from Maëva’s enhanced negotiation expertise, further strengthening the firm’s position as a trusted advisor for cross-border business law matters in the Asia-Pacific region.

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