At Slotine, we are passionate about taking an ethical approach to legal practice in Hong Kong. We are a small, knowledgeable firm with global reach. Our team’s combined experience means we can deal with legal issues ranging from local disputes, to complex matters. Here are five more reasons you should consider talking to us.



We set ourselves high standards and ensure we meet them by investing in training, documentation and innovative solutions that streamline our work processes.

When it comes to communicating with clients and partners around the world, we write in plain English and demonstrate our expertise without being condescending. We state the facts in a calm, straightforward manner, and let our acumen speak for itself. We are as specific as possible and avoid vague language.



At Slotine, we love technology because it helps us organise our work better and improve the quality of our services. Whether this means centralising documents so our team members can access them for cases anywhere in the world, or investing in innovative software that makes us ever more efficient, we place great emphasis on this area of our business. Because, ultimately, the more efficient we are, the better we can help you.



When we first meet, we will spend time getting to know you properly. We do this with all of our clients because it is the best way for us to work out how best we can help you, as well as to be clear about our approach, our services and their associated costs. By investing our time with you in this way, we are laying the foundations for a trusting relationship.



We keep on top of our workload by dealing with enquiries as soon as possible. For matters which involve several steps or numerous documents, we manage each phase with the same level of urgency and provide regular updates on the project and schedule.

We believe that by being responsive we can work more closely with you, wherever you are in the world. That is why we reply to emails and messages, whether by WhatsApp, WeChat or other digital platforms as soon as possible. This approach allows us to monitor for genuinely urgent matters so we can react immediately when they arise.



We understand that you want the best value for your money, so we ensure we don’t spend time on unnecessarily laborious tasks and focus instead on adding value. We have also created our own packages, which address recurring enquiries such as shareholders for new ventures, or employee shareholder plans. These packages are offered at a fixed rate and include an introduction, a debriefing and provisions for reasonable amendments.