Welcome to Slotine. Since 2016, we have been helping companies of all sizes navigate complex legal landscapes in Hong Kong and the wider Asia Pacific region.

We serve a broad range of clients, from small or medium-sized local companies, to large firms that are either based in Asia Pacific or are planning to expand within the region. At the heart of everything we do is our multilingual team of French lawyers and Hong Kong solicitors. Together, we offer you expert legal advice characterised by clarity, responsiveness and agility.

We also partner with a wide network of law firms, accountants, tax consultants and company secretaries around the world. This enables us to serve your needs in the best possible way. So whether you need advice about legal documentation, or wish to collaborate with a legal partner who can conduct in-depth research into a complex issue, we are always ready to lend our expertise.



Our approach to our work is underpinned by our three corporate values. These guide us in all our actions, and enable us to serve you in the best possible way, each and every time.

Our emails are easy to understand. We are responsive and communicative. We are also multicultural and multilingual, so our clients are always in the know.

We think and plan for the future. With our clients’ ultimate goals in mind, we anticipate action and go the extra mile to keep them prepared every step of the way.

We produce results.


We believe that our people can only achieve the best for you if we provide an environment where they can thrive. So through our team’s collective past experience working in France, London and Hong Kong, we have been able to develop a special culture that is unique to Slotine. Like our values, our culture is supported by three pillars:

Our modern, open-plan office is designed to encourage productivity. The office is very comfortable and is filled with natural light. The space is defined by quality and practicality, and includes large workspaces and a sound-proof room for conference calls and meetings.

Our clients turn to us time and time again because we are always ready to stand by them when the need arises. Building lasting relationships is a process that takes years, but our list of satisfied clients continues to grow because of the trust we have earnt from them by dealing with their legal challenges.

When we work with you, we consider which team member has helped you in the past, as well as the practice area required and sophistication of any new questions. Work can be split between different team members for more efficiency, and we provide in-depth training to all to ensure whoever takes your case is fully competent and familiar.


Hong Kong is a hub for Asia Pacific, as well as for companies wishing to make global investments. To ensure we can deal with all enquiries and provide the most efficient service, we have developed a strong network of partners to cater to your requests.

Over the years, we have met with many lawyers and professionals in other jurisdictions. We are regularly in contact with correspondents in the United States, Dubai, France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Portugal, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom. The list of jurisdictions where our partners operate grows regularly.

UGGC AVOCATS – in association with an international law firm with offices in Europe (Brussels, Marseille and Paris); Africa (Abidjan, Casablanca and Douala); South America (Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo); China (Hong Kong – our firm and Shanghai) and an India Desk in Paris.

Also in association with Facey & Associates

INTER PACIFIC BAR ASSOCIATION (IPBA) – an international association of commercial lawyers who live in, or otherwise have a strong interest in, the Asia Pacific region.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LAWYERS (UIA) – a global and multi-cultural organisation for the legal profession that facilitates professional development, stimulates learning and networking, and promotes the Rule of Law.

MLS Company Secretary and Slotine are independent of each other, and provide support services, such as company secretary (TCSP licence No. 18 in Hong Kong), trademarks registration and contracts management. Maëva Slotine is director and the sole shareholder for both companies.