Hong Kong law students in their final year and French bar school students looking for a diverse and meaningful experience are welcome to apply. Business school or private sector experience on top are considered necessary to make the most of the experience and training provided.

We offer 6-months full time internships on a rolling basis: January to June and July to December. The internship qualifies as PPI for French bar school students. To accommodate the calendar of Hong Kong law universities, 3-months full time (minimum) internships can also be agreed.

French students are advised to apply in advance to anticipate processing time for the training visa application and the issuance of a letter of no-objection by the Hong Kong Law Society.


Hong Kong law students as well as other common law jurisdiction students who have finished the PCLL and are looking for an immersive training contract experience allowing them to develop both their legal skills and soft skills are welcome to apply. Business school or private sector experience on top are considered necessary as well as a good knowledge of Microsoft Office and basic understanding of financial statements.

Previous interns will be considered in priority for training contracts.


We are looking for newly admitted or about to be admitted Hong Kong solicitors. We offer a competitive package in terms of benefits and paid holidays.

For associates who have not previously done a minimum of 6-months full time internship with our firm or trained with our firm, we have designed a six-months training program to ensure you are familiar with our standards of work, documentation and organisation, before hitting the ground running.


Information and alumni testimonials can be found on the firm’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Do not hesitate to reach out directly to previous interns, trainees or associates for further information.


Send your resume and motivation letter to