Slotine sees huge increase in efficiency with Litera Transact

Thanks to Litera Transact, Complex Cross-Border Deals with Both Digital and Wet Signatures Are No Problem for the Slotine Law Firm



Slotine is a small and nimble law firm in Hong Kong that specializes in providing strategic corporate law advice to companies in the APAC region. That means it often works on complex, cross-border corporate transactions that span multiple time zones and require multiple signature formats. Through those challenges, Slotine seeks to give its clients the clear, responsive information they need to make sound business decisions in a rapidly shifting environment. When it came to managing deals, the team hoped that technology could help them limit late nights and long hours spent handling administrative tasks like sending status updates and collating copies.


Slotine put together a comprehensive list of the features it wanted from a transaction management platform, including a virtual data room, automatic signature packet and closing book creation, and online signature tracking that could handle both digital and wet signatures. Litera Transact met every one of their requirements—and the team had it up and running within a week.


Slotine has seen a huge increase in efficiency thanks to Litera Transact. The team is no longer spending hours on status update emails, yet clients are better-informed than ever. Litera Transact has also eased the complications of time zone differences and varying signature formats. Overall, Litera Transact is a differentiator that proves Slotine is serious about using technology to benefit its clients.


With Litera Transact, we can deliver results at the pace expected by clients while expending much less time on managing the deal itself.  That greater efficiency gives us time to focus on the most sensitive aspects of the deal. Maëva Slotine, Principal Owner, and Founder, Slotine


Our clients clearly see the value of Litera Transact.  Having everything in one place – with the ability to quickly and easily compare documents – frees everyone to focus on the substance of the deal instead of the process. Mathilde Chator, Associate, Registered Foreign Lawyer, Slotine

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