So long, 2022. Hello, 2023!

First and foremost, we hope the word “COVID-19” disappears for good from travel restrictions.

2022 was especially trying for Hong Kongers from late January to April, when another wave prompted almost everything to close. We had to postpone our new office-warming party (the “OWP”) from March to October but this did not dampen our spirits. The event was surely one to remember!

The OWP was not our biggest achievement, however.

  • We embraced flexible work for most senior team members, collaborating efficiently from different time zones.
  • We adopted a multi-purpose office for an optimal working environment, complete with open spaces, pod, a kitchen and bar, a conference room, and a lounge.
  • We joined the Cyberport Professional Services Network, validating our experience in assisting startup companies raising capital in Hong Kong.
  • We helped clients navigate multiple jurisdictions (including Hong Kong), raise capital, buy and sell businesses, finalise employee contracts, steer shareholder disputes towards resolution, review corporate and commercial agreements for compliance and reduced risk of disputes, and so much more.

Throughout the past year, the team has demonstrated admirable consistency, diligence and cohesion. We will be increasing the size of our team to respond to increased demand.

2023 means new opportunities and we hope this year brings some much-needed stability and sustainable progress around the world.

Wishing you a good 2023

And a healthy and prosperous lunar year of the Water Rabbit!


[image credit: Romain Jacquet-Legreze and Emmanuelle Neyret]

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