A virtual tour of Slotine’s new office

[Credits: Eric d’Haene – video, Abel Rogers – selection of music]

The virtual tour is an artist’s view: the actual office is way nicer, but you’ll see that for yourself later.

More than ever, we’re driven by our passion to help our clients achieve their goals: to raise capital, prepare an acquisition or an exit, structure their business with a shareholders’ agreement and standard terms for their operations, move on from a deadlocked situation, or secure that they are compliant.

Responsiveness creates proximity: we strive to revert to your questions with added-value input within 2-48 hours (depending on complexity) and to keep the ball rolling.

Our team is working from home mostly, and I take my hat off to each one of them for their dedication.

All the best,
Maëva Slotine

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